Our Optoelectronic Components portfolio is all about the emission, detection, sensing and switching of light. Specialists in optoelectronic, photonic and laser technologies, we offer sensors, detectors, LEDs, light sources, optics, and a wide range of other light-based components and systems.

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Ushio manufactures an extensive range of high intensity surface mount and through-hole LEDs.

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Excelitas Technologies

Excelitas’ infrared sensing technologies play a vital role in creating a healthier, cleaner and safer tomorrow.

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A pioneer in adaptive optics, Optotune has developed and patented a technology enabling a range of fast, electrically or manually tuned optical devices.

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New Infrared Technologies

New Infrared Technologies (NIT) manufactures an infrared detector range based on self-designed, self-produced single element detectors, linear arrays and imaging FPA plus customized detectors and cameras.

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