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Excelitas’ infrared sensing technologies play a vital role in creating a healthier, cleaner and safer tomorrow.

Excelitas’ infrared sensing technologies play a vital role in creating a healthier, cleaner and safer tomorrow.

Excelitas has gained worldwide recognition for the design and production of high performance pyroelectric detectors, thermopile detectors and sensor modules. These products contribute to safeguarding homes, saving energy, and providing comfort. Applications include motion and presence detection, gas detection, thermometry and indoor climate control applications.

Photon Detection

Excelitas is a major provider of high performance photon detection technologies. Products range from Photon Counting Modules to Silicon detectors and InGaAs detectors, cameras, imagers and photodiode arrays.

Thermopiles and Thermopile Arrays

Thermopiles convert thermal energy into electrical energy, and are ideal for low power thermal sensor applications and non-contact temperature measuring devices. Newer compact packages in particular are finding application in smart energy saving systems such as smart home sensors and building management systems.

New CaliPile sensors from Excelitas include a highly sensitive thermopile detector and onboard electronics that allow the sensors to be set into three distinct function modes – motion sensing, presence detection and temperature measurement.


Excelitas offers an extensive range of pyrodetectors suitable for motion sensing and intrusion detection. Excelitas was the first to introduce a family of detectors offering a digital signal output – the DigiPyro® truly digital pyroelectric infrared detector family – and also offers “Smart” DigiPyro® models with total motion electronics integration. Their range also includes SMD pyroelectric detectors to facilitate high-volume, SMT-compatible production in key motion and presence detection applications such as energy-saving motion-activated automatic light switches.

Excelitas offers a broad range of suited pulsed 905nm lasers offering up to 100 Watts of peak output power. Pulsed semiconductor lasers in the near IR (NIR) are commonly used for long distance time-of-flight or phase-shift range finding systems.

Excelitas supplies Infrared LEDs emitting at either 880nm or 940nm.

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