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Excelitas offers a wide range of pyrodetectors, thermopiles and IR sensor modules – leading edge IR sensing technologies for motion and presence detection, temperature measurement and gas detection, enabling smarter homes, improved energy efficiency and a more expansive, connected IOT.

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Thermal & Infrared Sensors: Thermopiles and pyrodetectors offer two different approaches to detecting and measuring thermal energy. They work differently; thermopiles use thermocouples to measure temperatures differences, whereas pyrodetectors use the pyroelectric effect to recognize temperature variations by detecting changes in the infrared radiation received.

Excelitas offers an extensive range of pyrodetectors suitable for motion sensing and intrusion detection. Excelitas was the first to introduce a family of detectors offering a digital signal output – the DigiPyro® truly digital pyroelectric infrared detector family – and also offers “Smart” DigiPyro® models with total motion electronics integration. Their range also includes SMD pyroelectric detectors to facilitate high-volume, SMT-compatible production in key motion and presence detection applications such as energy-saving motion-activated automatic light switches.

Thermopile sensor modules for general thermometry applications consist of a thermopile sensor mounted on a pcb with a connector, and include integrated temperature compensation and calibration. Also available are thermopile sensors with integrated processing, offering either digital or analog outputs. DigiPile products suit thermometry, pyrometry and non-contact temperature sensing. The analog devices sense the thermal radiation emitted by objects and convert this to an analog voltage.

The Excelitas CoolEye family of thermopile array modules offer thermopile arrays in various configurations on a pcb with microcontroller, EEPROM, ADC, communication interface and a 4-pin connector. The modules also contain integral optics. These arrays now extend to 32 pixels in line, and provide low resolution image sensing for presence detection, energy conservation, alarm applications and non-contact temperature measurement.

Excelitas offers a number of thermopile detectors and pyrodetectors specifically for gas sensing and monitoring – equipped with specialised narrow band pass filters for various gas types, in combination with a reference filter.


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Excelitas’ infrared sensing technologies play a vital role in creating a healthier, cleaner and safer tomorrow.

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