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We offer industrial IR LEDs for telecommunications, thermal imaging, smoke detection, machine vision, instrumentation and surveillance, and industrial UV LEDs for UV curing. For lighting applications, we offer visible LEDs including high brightness, high CRI, single wavelength and multicolour.

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Our LEDs & Light Sources portfolio includes a wide range of industrial Infrared LEDs (IR LEDs) from leading suppliers Ushio and Excelitas. Wavelengths are offered from 770nm to 950nm, with a variety of package types and power levels.

An IR LED is often used together with an IR detector to form a sensing system. IR radiation can be used for telecommunications, night vision, thermal imaging, smoke detection, target acquisition, surveillance, remote control, astronomy, environmental monitoring, spectroscopy, and scientific and medical instrumentation. machine vision, number plate scanning, and automotive sensing.

Applications for UV LEDs range from chromatography, photolithography and curing of various resins to biological studies, environmental monitoring, purification of water, medical diagnostics, instrumentation and life sciences. UVA LEDs tend to be used for curing applications, whereas UVC LEDs are ideal for environmental monitoring, many life science applications or as a light source for spectroscopy.

The advantages of UVC LEDs in analytical instruments include small footprint, lower system cost and lower cost of ownership. Continuous real-time monitoring is enabled by long product life and duty cycle use. Higher sensitivity and lower noise result in better information.

For lighting applications, we offer a range of visible LEDs including high brightness, high CRI, single wavelength and multicolour, from our suppliers Ushio and Excelitas.

Excelitas standard CERLED® products in UV, visible and infrared are LED products on a ceramic substrate with high thermal conductivity. Excelitas’ CERLED® Point Light LED is the ideal light source for various applications where a large light emitting area is not wanted. Point LED features include homogenous light output, wide viewing angle and a light emitting area of only 50 micron.

Ushio offers a number of high power VISLED (visible LED) ranges which can be used for high power lighting applications. These include SMBB, EDC, STEM and TO-66 STEM types.


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Ushio offer UVA LEDs in a wide choice of form factor including high power TOP LED, surface mount TOP LED, molded and stem types and high power LED arrays. Wavelengths from 365nm to 420nm.

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Excelitas CERLED® LED products on a ceramic substrate with high thermal conductivity, including CERLED® Point Light LED for when a large light emitting area is not wanted.

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