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Wide range of hard wearing, hard working industrial monitors for industrial control and service automation applications. Robust mechanical design and advanced communications capability. Touchscreen options, Open Frame, Chassis, Panel Mount , Rack Mount, IP rated displays and marine grade displays.

We offer a wide range of industrial monitors for industrial control and service automation applications. These hard wearing, hard working industrial monitors feature robust mechanical design and advanced communications capability. Touchscreen options are available on most models, including projected and capacitive touch, resistive touch and SAW touch.

Our range of industrial monitors includes open frame and chassis, panel mount, rack mount, sunlight readable, IP rated and marine grade displays.

An open frame monitor is a display that does not have an enclosure or bezel around the bare metal chassis which houses all the required components. The main advantage of having this type of display is the freedom to house it inside your own enclosure. An open frame LCD display is a versatile and cost effective display solution for OEMs and integrators seeking a display to integrate into an application. Winmate open frame LCD displays are available in a wide range of sizes (5.7” to 65”), resolutions and brightness levels.

A chassis LCD display is supplied in a sleek housing, ready to fit seamlessly into space constricted applications. Winmate’s standard chassis colour options are black and silver. Winmate chassis LCD displays are available in a wide range of sizes (6.5” to 64.5”), resolutions and brightness levels.
Panel mount LCD displays are available for front mounting into an enclosure, housing or wall. Sizes range from 5.7” to 32”. We can also provide rack mount models.

IP Rated Industrial Monitors

Full IP65/NEMA4 Displays: Full IP65 rated displays are ideal for use in harsh environments. Available from Winmate in sizes from 8.4” to 42”, these full IP65 displays offer complete protection against ingress of dust, and effective protection against water jets.

IP65 Front Side LCD Monitors: IP65 LCD solutions with front side IP65 rating offer a cost effective alternative to full IP65 rated units. These displays are designed to be rugged and are ideal for use in wet and dusty environments with the threat of ingress predominantly from the front. Sizes are available from 5.7” to 27”.

Full IP67 Displays: We offer both aluminium and stainless steel full IP67 rated displays for a wide variety of applications including marine, military, avionics, industrial, automation control, food and beverage industries. Sizes of full IP67 displays range from 10.4” to 19”. Complete protection against ingress of dust. Protected against ingress of harmful amounts of water when temporarily immersed to 1m.

Sunlight Readable Monitors

Our range of sunlight readable displays from Litemax and Winmate performs well even in bright sunlight – ideal for outdoor applications.

Traditional HIGH BRIGHT (HB) sunlight readable displays use additional backlighting to enhance the image when in sunlight. Typical brightness levels for HB displays are from 700cd/m2 ~ 2500cd/m2.

TRANSFLECTIVE (TR) technology allows conventional TFT screens to be re-engineered, without the need for additional backlights. They use high levels of ambient light to increase the brightness level of the TFT via transflective polarizers. This effectively means the brighter the sun, the brighter the image.

LED backlight models replace traditional CCFL backlight technology with LEDs, providing even better contrast ratios and low power consumption. Brightness levels of up to 1800cd/m2 can be achieved, with contrast ratios of up to 1000:1. The option to include optical bonding is now available on some of our displays, resulting in a high brightness sunlight readable display with improved ruggedness.

Marine Grade Displays

We offer a selection of marine grade displays and marine panel PCs.

Winmate Marine Displays are built and tested according to DNVGL-CG-0339 Standard, IEC60945, and IACS-E10 to meet the marine industry’s international regulatory requirements. Det Norske Veritas (DNV) is the Norwegian foundation internationally certifying materials, components and systems relevant to safe operation and quality of ships.

Winmate performs in-house reliability test to ensure optimal performance in harsh maritime environments.

To face the challenges of sailing in different conditions, Winmate Marine Displays are suitable for day, dusk, and night settings. All the controls are located on the front panel OSD for fast access anytime. The dimming knob allows control of the backlight brightness from nearly 0% to 100.

The rugged mechanical design of Winmate marine displays provides enhanced shock and vibration resistance. The high power efficiency and low heat design guarantee the stability and longevity required for mission-critical deployment. Feature-rich I/O connectivity consists of one VGA, one DVI-D, one Composite, one S-Video, two COM ports, making these displays easy to integrate into existing marine equipment.

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