Case Studies

Real life success stories are the best demonstrators of where we could add value to your business by solving problems and overcoming challenges. Hear what customers think of our support and service.

EV car charger

Industrial Case Studies

Bringing Car Showrooms To Life

A collaboration between display experts Pacer and Tecna UK, leading provider of modular display systems, has digitally brought to life a major car manufacturer’s offering in UK showrooms with a combination of high impact print and 32-inch industrial touch screens.

Industrial Case Studies

Display Screen For High End AV Mixing Desk

Our customer was developing a new high end mixing desk to be used for outdoor events. This was a high end, high value product which demanded the very best in screen performance and reliability in outdoor conditions.

train on tracks

Industrial Case Studies

Engineering Train Observation System

As part of a health and safety-led upgrade, our client required a weather-proof monitor to be used on engineering trains – to locate personnel and ensure they were aware of, or away from, any dangerous activity.

military operation using laser range finding

Military Case Studies

Laser Range Finder Receiver

Pacer was involved in the development of a ground based laser range finding device with high sensitivity over long distance, extending its capability by utilising the laser pulse produced by the targeting device to measure the distance to the target.

out of focus LEDs

Medical Case Studies

Phototherapeutic Mask

The patented lightfusion™ phototherapy mask incorporates LEDs that deliver an optimized and controlled level of red and near infra-red light, essential in boosting cellular processes and promoting healthier skin. The light emitted is red at 633nm+/-5nm, and NIR at 830nm+/-5nm.

Doctor wearing PPE

Medical Case Studies

3D Printed Coronavirus Protective Face Shield

When Czech 3D printer supplier Prusa developed an open-source design for a protective face shield, Pacer was able to assist in the supply of this essential PPE for health workers and other frontline care staff and service providers.

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